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Blower Door & Duct Blaster Energy Testing & Rating

Blower Door & Duct Tightness Testing

Legacy Engineering, Inc. is committed to providing our local building clients the Quality Engineering at a Fair Price. With updates to the Florida Building Code mandating that all new homes must meet a requirement of 7 ACH (Air Changes per Hour); we are here to provide required blower door testing with the same service and responsiveness we already provide dozens of builders on a day to day basis. We have multiple team members certified by the local jurisdictions to provide testing services and can meet your blower door or duct tightness third party testing needs.


Advantages of using Legacy:
• Quickest response time – Saving you from potential delays in project timeline
• Most knowledgeable Professional Engineers and qualified technicians to assist you
• Online reporting and closeout packages through LegacyReports.com to expedite the reporting process and save you time

Duval, St. Johns, Nassau, Clay, and others

One of Legacy’s certified technicians performing blower door testing for a Jacksonville builder


Blower Door & Duct Tightness Testing Services:
• Blower Door Test
• Duct Tightness Test


Legislation Requirements:
The Fifth Edition of the Florida Building Code (FBC) requires blower door testing for all residential dwelling units. This would include single family houses, town houses, duplexes, and each condominium and apartment unit where the building is three stories or less.  House Bill 535 has further revised this requirement. As presently revised by HB 535, all residential dwelling units must have a maximum air changes per hour (ACH) of seven (7). In addition,  if the ACH is less than three (3), mechanical ventilation is now required.






LegacyReports.com is an electronic reporting system designed to expedite report turnaround time and give complete access to your team members. The electronic formatting allows for 24/7 access to your test results with the ability to provide complete closeout packages in just a few clicks. All reports are digitally signed and sealed and accepted by the State of Florida and Georgia.


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