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Geotechnical Engineering

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Geotechnical Engineering

Legacy Engineering, Inc. understands the importance of accurately determining the existing subsurface soil and site conditions and their importance on the design and construction of your specific project. Whether it is a high rise structure, school, church, industrial building, bridge, roadway or your own personal residence, we have the experience to provide quality solutions to your site specific problems. We offer a wide variety of field exploration services and are well equipped to provide these services in any terrain, including over water. We provide recommendations for Civil Design, Site Preparation, and Earthwork. Our Senior Professional Engineers have extensive experience in the area, and can save your project time and money by identifying potential soil issues before they arise. Our services include:


• Exploration and Evaluation of General Subsurface Conditions
• Subsurface Investigations
• Muck Probing
• FDOT Dewatering Plans
• Remedial Foundation Design and Construction Recommendations
• Foundation Design Recommendations
• Site Dewatering Recommendations
• Review of Soil Survey Maps
• Seepage Analyses
• Slope Stability Analyses
• Pre-Construction and Post-Construction Surveys
• Engineering Analysis of Soil Conditions
• Investigation of Pond Drawdown Effect on Wetlands
• Ground Improvement Recommendations
• Three-Dimensional Groundwater Modeling
• Remedial Foundation Design and Construction Recommendations
• Pier, embankment, and bulkhead Analyses
• Measurement of Groundwater Levels and Analysis of Seasonal High Groundwater Levels
• In-house Testing of Soils and Construction Materials
• Engineering Analysis of Soil Conditions
• Recommendations for Remedial Foundation Design and Construction
• Preparation of Construction Drawings and Specifications




Legacy Engineering also provides Structural and Geotechnical Damage assessments for both commercial and residential clients. Our services include:


• Structural Damage and Settlement Assessments
• Foundations
• Sinkholes
• Site Preparation
• Pier Evaluations
• Soil analysis
• Landslide and Slope Failure Evaluations
• Soil Subsidence
• Soil Improvement Design
• Foundation Stabilization Design

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