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This is a nice secondary title.

We believe that business can be a powerful force for good in the world, and that we can and should leverage Legacy to do that in the most effective way possible through Building Better:

•  Building Better Team Members: Support growth of our team members and their families – personally, professionally, financially, etc.

•  Building Better Buildings: Help our clients build as efficiently as possible, correctly

•  Building a Better World: Using our time, resources and finances to positively impact the world around us


We seek to instill these values into every decision we make as a company. As we seek to constantly improve in these areas, we desire that our current team members will passionately work towards Building Better, and that we would attract future team members who share that same vision, that our work is far more than just an inspection.


Building a Better World

Below are some of the organizations Legacy supports

Young Life – Lee High School


Nations Within

Seamark Ranch


Other Philanthropies:

  • Clays for a Cause
  • Builder Bear Clay Shoot
  • Home from the Heart
  • Various sports teams
  • 4H
  • Various first responders organizations


Do you have a philanthropy or community team or organization you think is a good match for Legacy?

If so, email receptionist@legacyengineering.com with information about the potential partner.

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