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Private Provider Inspection & Plan Review

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Private Provider Inspection


Private Provider Services (sometimes known as building code compliance)
Legacy Engineering, Inc. provides private provider services consisting of Consulting, Plan Review, and Inspections for commercial and residential structures.


Legacy strives to provide quality services at a fair price. Our licensed professionals strive to meet your project goals by fostering a cooperative relationship that minimizes project delays and keeps your project on track.


Consulting – Legacy employs Licensed professionals with a vast experience and knowledge base in Engineering, Construction Plan Review, and Inspections that allow us to find the solution to any construction question or issue that may arise. Examples: Need to know what inspections are required for your project? We can provide that. Need to know the minimum plan review information to submit? We can provide that. Have a question concerning a structural or geological issue? We can find the solution.


Plan Review – We know and communicate often with the individual Municipality where your project is located. Our plan reviewers are highly experienced, multi-licensed, and extremely knowledgeable about the requirements of the Florida Codes. They perform a thorough plan review based on the codes, and the small details that may result in a rejected plan. Legacy employs a full-time, dedicated Plan Review / Permit Administrator who will track the progress of your plan review to the point of permit issue and beyond.
Inspections- Legacy employs professional inspectors that are highly trained and detailed oriented. They will inspect your project to Florida code and the specifics of your plan. Inspectors build relationships with the clients and recognize that the development of a project plan takes into account the esthetics, structural, and safety components of your project. Legacy inspectors are committed to seeing your specific design incorporated per the approved set of plans and work with your designer or engineer to ensure any changes are recorded accordingly.


Advantages of using Legacy:


·Local Expertise-Our licensed inspectors and admin all have decades of experience. We are here and can respond to questions and a rapidly moving job quickly


·Largest Locally Owned Testing Firm-We have the personnel to cover large jobs and the nimbleness to handle small jobs



What are Private Provider Inspections?
Florida Statute, No. 553.791 authorizes the use of qualified engineering firms such as Legacy Engineering as private providers for state-required building code inspections and plan review. This can save weeks on a home and months on a large commercial project all while reducing headaches. The end result is happier clients, better-constructed buildings, and reduced costs through saved time.


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