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Private Provider Inspection & Plan Review

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Private Provider Inspection

Legacy Engineering, Inc. provides private provider inspection services (sometimes known as building code compliance) for commercial and residential structures.

Our licensed inspectors perform the mandatory building code inspections associated with the construction of the general building, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and roofing. Legacy strives to provide Quality Engineering at a Fair Price, and for private provider inspection that looks like Inspectors and Engineers who are local, are actively involved in your project, and work diligently to both keep your project on track and the building built to plans.


Advantages of using Legacy:
• Local Expertise – Our licensed inspectors and admin all have decades of experience. We are here and can respond to questions and a rapidly moving job quickly
• Largest Locally Owned Testing Firm – We have the personnel to cover both large and the nimbleness to handle small jobs
• More responsive scheduling – Have a midnight, weekend, or holiday job? Legacy has you covered
• Online reporting – LegacyReports.com expedites the reporting process and saves you time


What are Private Provider Inspections?
Florida Statute, No. 553.791 authorizes the use of qualified engineering firms such as Legacy Engineering as private providers for state required building code inspections and plan review. This can save weeks on a home and months on a large commercial project all while reducing headaches. The end result, happier clients, better constructed buildings, and reduced costs through saved time.




LegacyReports.com is an electronic reporting system designed to expedite report turnaround time and give complete access to your team members. The electronic formatting allows for 24/7 access to your test results with the ability to provide complete closeout packages in just a few clicks. All reports are digitally signed and sealed and accepted by the State of Florida and Georgia.


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