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Strain Gage Instrumentation and Testing

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Strain Gage Instrumentation and Testing


What we do.

Legacy Engineering conducts strain gage testing across a variety of mediums across a wide range of usage situations. From small specimens in laboratory situations to large structural integrity tests, Legacy has the knowledge and experience to get testing done. From high frequency,  multi-channel data acquisition (daq) projects to single channel, low hertz cycle count testing, we can do it all. Legacy travels to meet our clients needs and can partner with other engineering firms if data-only reports are needed.


How it helps.

For engineers, strain gage (sometimes known as strain gauges) testing can be a very powerful source of NDT/NDE information. Gages can be setup to record across very small areas to determine real life & real time stress concentrations better and often cheaper than computer modeling & simulation allows. With corresponding material modulus of elasticity (Young’s Modulus) strains can be converted into stresses and forces. This information can be used to do such things as determine individual component loads in conjunction with a larger load test, plot time-vs-displacement-vs-load charts, determine loads in statically indeterminate situations, identify potential premature failures, and so much more. With trained technicians and licensed engineers, we can help you meet your needs.


Contact us today if you need testing, we keep a limited supply of gages in stock for emergency testing if needed.

From large scale testing


To small component loads





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